Incident Quick Start Guide

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When an economic disruption incident occurs, the Executive Leadership of the Economic Resilience Action Plan (ERAP) Committee should consider the following actions:


  • If an Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is activated for Trail and Region, immediately activate the plan.
  • If no EOC is activated, but an economic disruption is apparent, convene the Executive Leadership Committee of the ERAP Committee and decide on activating the ERAP.
  • For any incident, immediately stand up the Communications and Impact Assessment Action Groups and direct them to follow their protocols.

Situational Awareness

  • Immediately deploy an Economic Liaison to contact the EOC (RDKB EM program), if it has been activated. Consult with the Economic Liaison to keep apprised of developments.
  • Immediately contact Political/Community Leadership to notify them of ERAP activation and maintain ongoing communication (this will also happen through the RDKB EOC).
  • If not done during Activation, convene ERAP Committee Advisory Members to notify them of ERAP activation and maintain ongoing communication.

Immediate Response Activities

  • If deemed necessary, stand up the Business Emergency Operations Centre (BEOC).
  • Coordinate with the Communications AG and the Impact Assessment AG to develop a short-term communications plan to notify the business community and the public of developments. This will include launching incident-specific web tools, such as and/or a dial-in information hotlines.
  • Coordinate with Regional Municipalities and Partners to assess what additional information, resources, and supports may be available to provide to the community.
  • Stand up other Action Groups if obvious necessity exists, and direct them to follow their protocols.

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