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Scope of the Local Procurement AG Plan

The Local Procurement AG Plan focuses on the promotion of local businesses during times of disaster, specifically in terms of local procurement. This includes preparing and advocating for local businesses to provide goods and services to government during response and recovery, as well as promoting local businesses and building a culture of buying locally amongst residents during rebuilding.

AG Plan Lead and Committee Members


AG Lead:         Community Futures South Kootenay / Trail and District Chamber of Commerce

AG Members:

  • LCIC
  • Tourism Rossland
  • Local Municipalities

Additional Case Management and Support Organizations

  • Economic Development Practitioners Network

Incident Quick Start Checklist

  • Convene the AG committee.
  • Activate any local government procurement policies focused on local procurement during times of disaster. Review events or programs from recent past that were successful in encouraging buy local initiatives.
  • Activate or repurpose any “Buy Local” program and work with the Communications AG to maintain the Buy Local message to the public.
  • Disseminate any lists of approved/preferred contractors for economic recovery activities, if possible. Often, these will include suppliers of goods, contractors, construction companies, and technical experts.
  • Plan initiatives and marketing materials targeted at visitors and tourists to communicate when the area is open and safe for visitors after a disaster

Inventory of Existing Programs and Assets for Local Procurement

  • Both Community Futures South Kootenay and the Trail and District Chamber of Commerce have hosted and promoted successful “Shop Local” campaigns. These have included “Give Away” contests, on-line auctions, newsletter promotions, farmer’s markets, activities such as a BINGO walk, to encourage walk-in traffic for local businesses, and sharing promotional material on other local social media platforms for further exposure.
  • Local media and radio stations are usually supportive to these kinds of initiatives. The Communications Action Group can help to create awareness of such campaigns and provide reporting content.
  • Tourism Rossland can assist by sharing business recovery efforts throughout the City of Rossland and surrounding area. The Communications AG should provide them with reporting content.
  • The City of Trail has a local procurement policy for that provides an incentive for local companies who are seeking to bid on City projects: https://www.trail.ca/en/inside-city-hall/resources/LOCALPURPOLICY.PDF
  • There may be opportunities to partner with initiatives and organizations such as the following to build local procurement opportunities following a disaster:

Action Plan for Future Preparation and Mitigation Activities

  • Provide training to local building contractors on post-disaster rebuilding process. For example, host seminars on how to navigate the bidding requirements, sharing procurement websites, rebuilding processes and planning, development and building inspection requirements etc.
  • Regional District of Kootenay Boundary – Inspection/Permits/Bylaws;  https://rdkb.com/Plan-Build/Building
  • An inventory of regional supplies can be created in partnership with organizations such as Community Futures and the Trail and District Chamber of Commerce for local consumers to access local goods and services. This regional marketplace can be made available at any time and does not require to be activated in response to a disaster. It could be an e-commerce platform to connect local business owners with local suppliers. Again, this will support the Shop Local efforts.
  • Work with the Business TA and Financing AG to assist in developing e-commerce platforms for businesses.
  • The Executive Action Plan Committee and the Trail & District Chamber of Commerce could create an online business inventory for easy access for the entire region.

Typical Response and Recovery Activities

  • Develop lists of local contractors and businesses that provide post-disaster services for provision to residents.
  • Pre-approve businesses for post-disaster procurement based on continuity plans, certifications, etc.
  • Promote local businesses through post-disaster Buy Local campaigns and education messaging that highlights the benefits of buying locally (e.g., multiplier effects, decreased fraud and increased accountability, etc.).
  • Work with local governments to legally preference small businesses for provision of goods and services after disasters.
  • Encourage local businesses to access contracts through one-on-one technical assistance, pre and post-disaster.
  • Create lists of open businesses and/or provide maps that indicate who is open after a disaster.
  • Develop bright signage for businesses to demonstrate that they are “Open for Business” after a disaster. Community Futures office have made these available during the Grand Forks flooding disaster and in all other communities during COVID-19.
  • When the time is right, encourage political leaders to announce that the area is “Open for Business” and encourage the surrounding communities to purchase Local goods.

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